Using JerseyConnect Cloud Storage

JerseyConnect is proud to introduce our cloud storage service, an exciting new service designed to meet one of libraries’ most highly-rated needs.

This article will introduce you to JerseyConnect cloud storage and provide a few examples of ways your library can benefit from this new service!

JerseyConnect cloud storage service overview

JerseyConnect cloud storage is intended to complement your library’s existing backup strategy with robust offsite storage in our secure facilities. Your library’s allocation of space can be used to hold system backups, database dumps, or just important files. The size of the allocation is such that, with proper management, you can have multiple points in time available to restore.

JerseyConnect cloud storage is NOT provided for use as a collaboration platform, or for static content hosting for a website.

Web interface

Access to JerseyConnect cloud storage is primarily through a rich web interface, provided by FileRun. This interface allows you to manage all your library’s files and is designed to be intuitive to any library administrator.

FileRun - Upload dialog

Multiple ways to upload files within the web interface

FileRun - Actions menu

A robust set of actions for files stored in JerseyConnect cloud storage

WebDAV interface

For enhanced integration with scheduled backup programs and other automation tools, JerseyConnect cloud storage offers a WebDAV interface to your library’s storage pool. This open standard protocol can be used with all major operating systems and many scripting and programming languages.

Here is the connection info you’ll need to connect to you JerseyConnect cloud storage pool:

That’s all you need!

Desktop programs

In addition to any WebDAV-compatible client, JerseyConnect cloud storage can be used with the Sync and HotFolders applications provided by FileRun.

Please refer to the vendor documentation available at the links posted above for more information on these two programs.