Google’s New Requirements for Email Senders

What’s happening?

Google announced new guidelines for email senders that will go into effect February 1, 2024. JerseyConnect is making changes to comply with these guidelines and ensure emails get delivered.

What’s changing?

Domain names and DNS records

Google will require email senders to have three types of DNS records that prove their identity. Many library domains already have these records in place, but changes may be needed for some libraries. JerseyConnect staff will work with customers to make sure the set of DNS records is complete. In some cases libraries themselves will need to make DNS changes for their domains. If this applies to your library we will contact you directly with specific instructions.

Mailing Lists

If your library uses mailing lists provided by JerseyConnect then you need to ensure your messages have an unsubscribe link. See this  knowledge base article for details on how to achieve this.