JerseyConnect is Now Providing Free SSL Certificates for Hosted Websites

In an effort to help libraries create a secure environment for patrons, JerseyConnect is proud to announce free SSL certificates for any library hosting their website with us. We are able to accomplish this by using Let’s Encrypt to validate and issue certificates for domains. This is an exciting step forward for us and the library community of New Jersey!

What does this mean for my library?
An SSL certificate will allow your website to use HTTPS, encrypting the data being sent to/from your website so it can’t be read by a third party. This protects patrons by ensuring their information stays private.

What do I need to know?
Before enabling SSL, you need to make sure all of the content on your site can be loaded with HTTPS. If not, visitors to your HTTPS website may be met with a “mixed content” warning in their browser, and any unsecured content may not load. This could create confusion and concern, and even cause formatting issues that may break your site. Because of this it’s important that you’re ready before requesting a SSL certificate. We strongly encourage you to contact your web developer regarding the switch to HTTPS.

Where can I learn more about moving to HTTPS?
There are several resources available on the web that discuss moving to HTTPS. JerseyConnect staff has collected some links to help you understand the details involved.

How do I take advantage of this offer?
To request an SSL certificate for your domain contact JerseyConnect via our HelpDesk, at, or call 866-468-7043.