JerseyConnect Spam Filter Service Change

Attention: Libraries with Spam Filtering from JerseyConnect

A business licensure issue is forcing JerseyConnect to change to a new vendor for our spam filtering service. JerseyConnect operations staff have conducted a thorough search for a service that provides the same level of transparency and spam protection offered by the MXLogic service.

We have selected EdgeWave as the vendor for spam filtering beginning in May of 2013.

Libraries whose email and DNS are both hosted by JerseyConnect will likely not notice a difference. JerseyConnect will migrate your domain level whitelists, blacklists, and other settings. However, libraries with self-hosted email systems that use JerseyConnect filtering will be asked to make a simple change to their email systems, and libraries who host DNS with another provider will need to change some records. Rest assured no email will be lost during this transition.

JerseyConnect staff will send notices to individual libraries within the next few days as each domain is moved to the new system. Once the migration is complete, every user will receive a weekly digest message containing a list of quarantined items and links to release any legitimate messages. This email will also provide every user with access to a spam filter account to opt out of future reports or change other settings.

Anyone interested can learn more about the new service from the vendor’s site at the following link: