JerseyConnect Web Server Upgraded

Welcome to cPanel version 110!

This upgrade brings some theme changes. All of the same functionality, but now with a crisp new look. We also discuss some new features that have been added to the platform over the last year and highlight a key tool for managing your sites. Read on for all the details.

Introducing Jupiter, the new default cPanel theme:

Dive right in and see for yourself, where is your library’s domain name, e.g.


An easy to use WordPress plugin that optimizes your site and speeds up load times. This powerful tool includes page caching, cache preloading, browser caching, lazy loading, CSS/JS optimization and more. Enable AccelerateWP from the cPanel interface and then manage it from the WordPress dashboard like any other plugin.

PHP Selector

Is your WordPress upgrade being blocked by an outdated PHP version? Are your image uploads failing? The PHP Selector can help you solve these problems. With this handy cPanel tool you can choose the PHP version for your websites and set PHP options, like upload_max_filesize.

See this guide for help on getting started with the PHP Selector.


A performance tracing tool that can examine your site URLs and identify bottlenecks. It looks at all aspects of what it takes to load the examined URL. This includes external requests, database queries, and in the case of WordPress it will even identify plugins.