JerseyConnect Managed WiFi Service Webinars

JerseyConnect invites you to attend a live webinar to learn more about our recently announced Managed WiFi Service.

The webinars are intended to provide additional information for libraries that have already committed to using the service as well as for libraries that remain undecided about using the service.

Undecided libraries that would likely seek E-Rate subsidization for the service now have until April 16th to make a decision and submit a Form 471 for subsidization this funding year. For libraries that use E-Rate Central, E-Rate Central has asked that all interested libraries contact them for filing assistance by April 9th.

Webinar Dates & Times:

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Click the link next to the specific day and time to register for that particular webinar:

Wednesday, March 25th @ 2PM EDT

Wednesday, April 1st @ 10AM EDT

Wednesday, April 1st @ 2PM EDT

Wednesday, April 8th @ 10AM EDT