JerseyConnect WiFi Pricing and Participation Info

The posting period for our Statewide E-Rate 470 has closed. We are excited to announce that a Cisco Meraki solution has been selected with CoreBTS being the reseller.

If you are interested in the service, or if you have any questions after reading the details below, please email us at

— Pricing and Budget Info —

For prices and equipment info, please see the following link:

For budgeting, we recommend one (1) access point for every three thousand (3,000) square feet of interior space.

The MR32 access point is our standard recommendation. The MR34 access point is optionally available for deployment in high usage areas.

JerseyConnect staff will be available to perform site surveys upon request prior to final purchase.

— Next Step – If you are applying for E-Rate —

If you have not done so already contact E-Rate Central so they can apply for e-rate funds on your behalf. E-Rate Central will handle all aspects of the e-rate process for participating libraries. The deadline is March 20th.

It is important to note that applicants receiving funds through the E-Rate should comply with the CIPA guidelines.

E-Rate Central Contact:

Shaneka N. Bratton, E-Rate Coordinator E-Rate Central
Phone: 516-801-7806 | Fax: 516-801-7816 E-Mail:

— Next Step – Not Applying for E-Rate —

If you aren’t applying for E-Rate funding, the process is much simpler. Contact JerseyConnect at