New Managed WiFi Pricing and Equipment Options

JerseyConnect has just received updated pricing and equipment options for our Managed WiFi service. This article will run down the most important changes, but for the new price sheet visit

MR42 access point replaces the MR34

The MR34 access point has reached End of Sale, and we are no longer able to supply these access points. But there’s a silver lining: the MR42 is faster, adds support for Bluetooth Beacons, and is about 25% cheaper than the MR34.

Lower prices on some parts

Look for small price drops on MR32 access points and 1-Year license terms, as well as a big drop in price of AC adapters.

Full line of Meraki access points available for libraries not filing for E-Rate

We’ve also received discounted pricing on the full line of Cisco Meraki access points and accessories, including outdoor access points. However, since these were not part of our original E-Rate filing, these devices are not eligible for E-Rate subsidy under our current contract. We are exploring ways to make these items available to libraries seeking E-Rate funding as well.

If you have any questions about this notice or the Managed WiFi service, send us a note through the JerseyConnect HelpDesk or call us at (866) 468-7043.