Q&A for 2021 Transport Connectivity bidders

  • Can you provide a list of library locations?

  • Please specify any requirements for QOS/KPL/AQL

    The bidder should be able to offer a performance SLA for interested libraries. This is not required for all connections, but should be available at all locations (can be on a higher tier of service). The proposed architecture must also preserve DSCP values on traffic sent across the network.

  • Do you have your own IPs or IPs are intended to be purchased? If purchased, how many?

    We have our own pool of IP addresses

  • Are you able to grant an extension?

    We have not defined an end date however the end of the 28 day window is 11/17/21.  We will start reviewing proposals on the 18th

  • Are you considering having multiple providers for your end solution?

    We reserve the right to award to multiple vendors however we can’t answer that question until we actually have proposals to review.  Please note though that our understanding from the advice of our E-Rate consultant is that in the event that we do award multiple vendors, each participating library would then have to go through their own mini-bid process to determine the best solution for them. 

  • How many libraries will need to recontract for JerseyConnect service in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024?

    We do not have a way of providing an answer since each participating library signs their own agreements.