2017 Statewide Technology Services Survey is out!

It’s been a big year for JerseyConnect and library technology services:

– More than 300 libraries from all over New Jersey are using JerseyConnect to save money and improve service for their staff and patrons
– Over 100 libraries across the state have deployed JerseyConnect’s Managed Wi-Fi service. Last year, these libraries moved over 3 TB of data across Wi-Fi networks established with this service
– We launched free SSL certificates for library websites – many libraries have already signed up to protect their patrons’ browsing
– We’ve been working to upgrade bandwidth since libraries have signed up for more than 2 gigabits per second of new bandwidth in the last year
– The second generation of JerseyConnect-hosted Koha systems is starting as we are going through a wave of Koha system upgrades

In the year ahead, we’ll be convening an advisory board to help shape the future of our services. The board has representatives from nearly every county, covering many different types of libraries. To help us continue to improve our services and develop new services for all libraries across New Jersey, we’re asking for your input.

Please take a moment to fill out our brief survey, and use the comment box to let us know how we can help your library. Together we can develop more great projects for the NJ library community!