BTOP Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about the State Library’s BTOP grant.

Why does my library not qualify for free PCs under the grant?
Only libraries who reported fewer than 3.55 PCs per 5,000 people in their service area in the January 2010 survey are eligible for free PCs.
My library was awarded PCs, but not enough to bring it up to this number. Why?
Each library was granted no more than its current number of PCs as reported on the January 2010 survey.
How was my library’s service area calculated?
Each library’s service area was calculated using 2000 Census data. However, if more than one library serves a particular city or town, the population was divided equally among all libraries serving it.
Will my library be able to take advantage of broadband upgrades if it does not appear on the spreadsheet?
Any library within the Verizon EVPL service area will be able to take advantage of discounted pricing on 10Mbps connections.

The State Library has set aside some funds for new network equipment for those libraries that would like to take advantage of this service but did not indicate their interest on the January 2010 survey. However, these funds are limited so equipment is not guaranteed.