Getting the Number of Wireless Sessions From the Meraki Dashboard

This is how you obtain wireless usage statistics for your Meraki powered WiFi network.

Login to the Meraki dashboard at If you don’t have a login for the dashboard contact us at and we’ll set one up.

Once in the dashboard findĀ Organization from the left hand menu. Now go to Location Analytics, which is under the Monitor column.

Meraki Location Analytics Menu
Location analytics is under Organization | Monitor


The report defaults to the For the last week time range. You can change the range with the drop down menu at the top of the page and use one of the predefined values or enter a custom range. When using the custom range the end date should be no later than the previous day.

CMX date options
Location analytics date range options

The Connected value contained in the Proximity section is the figure we’re interested in. However the value shown by the graph is a daily average. To get the total, download the CSV file using the CSV button and open in a spreadsheet app like Excel. Now use the SUM feature of your spreadsheet app to easily add up the Connected column and get your total.

If your library has more than one branch you can view the report for different branches using the drop down menu on the right. The menu will be displaying the current selected branch. Choose All networks to see the data for all of your branches aggregated into one report.