Remote Assist

Reach patrons and manage your PCs from anywhere

JerseyConnect Remote Assist helps your library to operate better from anywhere, serving patrons anywhere.

Remote assistance lets you connect with patrons anywhere, from anywhere, to assist them with using library resources. The service has special support for low speed or poor quality connections, so patrons with bad connectivity are still in reach. Patrons just need a session code to join.

  • Share your screen with the patron, or have them share theirs with you
  • Chat or use built-in audio and video calling to stay in touch during your remote assistance session
  • Use remote control or annotation features to deliver service tailored to any situation
  • Send and receive files in the remote assistance session

Remote access lets you manage your library's PC from anywhere, whether that's to assist patrons sitting at a public PC or perform administrative tasks like updates and restarts. Each PC has its own access password, so even if your account is compromised your PCs are still protected.

  • Connect to library PCs even if no one is using them
  • Help patrons in the library from a safe distance, whether you are a the reference desk or at home
  • Get system information or execute commands on your PCs remotely
  • Shutdown or restart your library's PCs from anywhere

Chat support lets you interact with patrons from your library's website, with no software for them to install.

  • Quickly answer questions from website visitors
  • Start a remote assistance session from any chat
  • Bring in other library staff to help or transfer your chat to a subject matter expert
  • When the library is closed, direct patrons to an info page or email address

We have a quick start guide for Staff available here:

And instructions for Patrons available here:

More documentation is available on the JerseyConnect Knowledge Base. You can log in to the knowledge base using your HelpDesk credentials.

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