Device Management

Enterprise network hardware and the skills to make it work for you


If your library is connected to the JerseyConnect Network, JerseyConnect can provide and maintain a router as a gateway between your library and the JerseyConnect network. If a router provided by JerseyConnect experiences a hardware failure, it will be replaced at no cost to you. JerseyConnect staff can update this router as your library's needs change, or you can choose to manage it yourself. If you select self-management, JerseyConnect staff will no longer be able to update the router, but will still provide a replacement if it fails. If you choose to use a device other than the router as a gateway to the JerseyConnect network, JerseyConnect staff cannot manage that device for your library, and will not provide a replacement if it fails. The router provided by JerseyConnect has a rich firewall feature set, and most libraries will not require a separate firewall device. If you choose to purchase a firewall, JerseyConnect can manage it for you, provided it is a Cisco PIX or ASA. JerseyConnect staff cannot manage firewalls from other vendors. JerseyConnect cannot provide a replacement if your library's firewall fails.