JerseyConnect staff and systems are here to help

How to Reach Support

Problems with existing service HelpDesk
Requests for new or expanded service HelpDesk Email — Call — 866-468-7043
Forgotten HelpDesk password HelpDesk password reset form
Forgotten HelpDesk username Your username is your email address. Email
Internet access outage Call — 866-468-7043
If you do not have internet access and cannot submit your request via the help desk system, please call our toll-free support line at 866-468-7043.

Support Hours

JerseyConnect is open

JerseyConnect staffed customer support hours are listed below. The JerseyConnect network and core services are monitored 24 hours a day.

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday Closed (core network issues only)
State Holidays Closed (core network issues only)


Service Level Agreement

All help desk requests and toll-free calls can only be answered during standard support hours. Response and resolution times are based on the severity of the problem and are addressed in our Service Level Agreement.

Policy on library circuit outages and device failures

During standard support hours (above), JerseyConnect monitors all circuits that connect to the JerseyConnect core network, and monitors all routers that it manages for service outages.

  1. If a library circuit or router status changes to "down," the JerseyConnect team will be notified.
  2. If the library's circuit or router status remains "down" for 20 minutes, the JerseyConnect team will contact the library to begin the troubleshooting process.
  3. If it is determined that a carrier issue exists, JerseyConnect will contact the carrier on behalf of the library.
  4. If it is determined that a router has failed, a free replacement router is guaranteed to be installed onsite by end of the next business day after the determination is made.
Please note: the first contact will be with library personnel to verify power and device status, and response and resolution times depend on the availability of library staff to assist the JerseyConnect team with the troubleshooting process.

Questions about JerseyConnect support or services?