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The JerseyConnect Network

The JerseyConnect network is a state-of-the-art infrastructure enabling the programs and projects that help libraries meet their constituents' changing needs. The network features a high-speed backbone and fault-tolerant internal connections, providing fast and reliable access to New Jersey libraries and the public through a set of distributed PoPs and Internet uplinks.

About LATAs

New Jersey is divided into three telecommunications regions, known as LATAs. While this may seem academic, carriers charge significantly higher rates for data circuits that cross these LATA boundaries. With a point of presence in each LATA, JerseyConnect can ensure that libraries aren't saddled with this extra expense.

About our PoPs

Each of JerseyConnect's three points of presence provides access to core resources for libraries in that LATA, along with interconnections and access to the Internet for all connected libraries. Each site is also fully secured, both physically and logically, with power and data redundancy protecting against downtime.


Launched in February of 2006, JerseyConnect was an evolutionary step in the Hub Libraries program. JerseyConnect provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and services to maintain and improve the core services previously provided through the Hub Libraries program, as well as to develop new services for libraries throughout the state. The JerseyConnect infrastructure and service model is designed for maximum flexibility, scalability and redundancy.

Through JerseyConnect, public libraries in the State of New Jersey are positioned to take advantage of new and emerging technologies while enjoying reliable core internet connectivity and related services.

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